Tour de Singkarak 2011 Photo Essay

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From the elevation of merely 12 meters above sea level in the city of Padang, and continued ascending to Pariaman and Bukittinggi via Lake Maninjau at more than 1,000 meters a.s.l., Tour de Singkarak 2011 routes were set to have passed the most scenic surroundings of West Sumatra. While reaching the finish line and making an attempt to be the first among the cyclists, all racers could still appreciate the extraordinary cultures and heart-stopping natural beauties along the way.

All photos taken by Anggun Nugraha, except no.2 and 3, taken by Himawan.


The house of West Sumatra is called rumah gadang, meaning ‘the grand house’.  The locals call the part of the roof as ‘gonjong’ or ‘bagonjong’, the horn-like roof structure that becomes the distinctive component of the house. Most offices’ roofs in Padang adopt this type of structure.


Booking Tiket Online Disini

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Jam Gadang - Bukittinggi

AirAsia Batavia Citilink Garuda
Gatari Kartika Lion/Wings
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Foto: Jalan Padang – Bukittinggi Malam Hari

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photo: Pantai Padang alias Taplau

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Photo: Muaro Panjalinan

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10 Danau Terdalam di Dunia

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  1. Lake Baikal, Russia
  2. 5,712 feet (1,741 meters)

    This lake is found in Southern Siberia, in the city of Irkutsk. This lake is so big and deep that it has more water than all the Great Lakes combined in the United States. Some people believe that Lake Baikal is older than 25 million years. « Read the rest of this entry »

Gunung Merapi dan Bukik Tui dari Padang Panjang [pictures]

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Gunung Merapi

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