Joomla Templates and Tutorial Free Download

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All the templates and tutorials from the old BiD Club are now free!

Free Joomla Templates:

-> Download the old files here

Free Joomla Tutorials / Screencasts:

The video download is rather large and most are in an FLV format, so you will need an FLV player like this one

Basic CSS Series

The Basic CSS Series will help the beginner understand how to use and implement basic CSS styling in a web page. By the completion of this series, the beginner will have learned CSS terminology, basic functions and practices in CSS, and a few introductory ideas on advanced CSS usage including using floats for CSS layout and styling unordered lists as a horizontal menu.

Basic Joomla Administration (1.0.x)

The Basic JOOMLA Administration Series is meant to familiarize the beginning user with the basic and fundamental functions of JOOMLA. By the completion of this series, the beginner will be able to accomplish basic tasks in creating and managing a JOOMLA site.

Joomla SEO Optimization

The JOOMLA Optimization Series will show you how to use validation tools to check your template for the correct web standards, enhance URL generation by using the component ARTIO, optimize module positions with better code, and more. By the completion of this series you will have learned how to get your JOOMLA site leaned down and potential for better standards up.

Basic MooTools (old version)

“MooTools for the Rest of Us” is a series of tutorials that demonstrates, by example, implementation of basic MooTools effects into a template. Using the JoomlaOS template as a reference point, you will learn how to find the effect you’re looking for, create drag-able windows, make them resize-able, fade and adjust DIV’s (including live text resize), and implement ajax links (Links that need no page refresh!).

Increase User Experience

Using the javascript library MooTools with some other free libraries, this tutorial series teaches how to increase user experience with some simple javascript. Using a fictional “blog” as the test site, subscribers will learn how to enhance the blog with modern web techniques

Joomla Template Conversion (1.0.x)

The Template Migration for Joomla Series will show you how to take an existing, static template and convert it for use with Joomla. This highly requested series covers every aspect of template conversion: Organizing the file structure for Joomla, insertion of the Joomla PHP tags, matching and re-naming CSS conventions for compatibility with JOOMLA, and more! By the completion of this series you will gain all the know-how necessary to migrate your template for Joomla.

Creating a CSS Template


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